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Custom Car Builder Chrome

Chrome Options
All prices are for chrome plating only. Components and parts sold separately.Generic photos, product may be different.
Spindle Arms $75.00
2 Chrome spindle arms-set
Steering Tie Rods $75.00
2 Steering Tie Rods-set
Dragster Spindles $150.00
2 Dragster Spindles
Spindle Caps $40.00
2 Spindle Caps
Spindle Tow Caps $45.00
2 Spindle Tow Caps
Weight Bar $140.00
Dragster Weight Bar
Removeable Drop-in Tow Pin $50.00
Drop-in Tow Pin
Butterfly Steering Wheel with Grips $160.00
Dragster Butterfly Steering Wheel with Grips
Indy Wheel 2-hole Button mount $50.00
Indy Wheel 2-hole Button mount
Indy Wheel 4-hole Button mount $60.00
Indy Wheel 4-hole Button mount
Short Steering Shaft $95.00
Dragster Short Steering Shaft
Dash Cover $125.00
Dragster Dash Cover
Parachute Lever $25.00
Parachute Lever
Fuel Shut-off Lever $25.00
Cockpit Fuel Shut-off Lever
Master Cut-off Knob $25.00
Cockpit Master Cut-off Knob
Handbrake Lever $120.00
Handbrake Lever
Handbrake Lever to Master Cylinder "ROD" $25.00
Rod between Handbrake Lever and Master Cylinder
Neck Collar Tray $75.00
Tray to hold Neck Collar
Glove Box Lid $75.00
Lid on Glove Box or Tunnel/Glovebox combo
Delay Box Housing $35.00
Various Manufacturers Delay Box Housing
Billet Button mount $95.00
Miller Race Products Billet CNC Dragster Button mount
Button Mount $55.00
Standard One Piece Button mount
Blowshield $325.00
Dragster Blowshield
Air Bottle $80.00
Small Air Bottle
Air Bottle mounts $90.00
Small Air Bottle mounts
Motorplate $175.00
Dragster Front Motorplate
Mid Motorplate $235.00
Dragster Mid Motorplate
Engine Saddles $75.00
2 Engine Saddles
Fuel Cell Cap $38.00
Dragster Fuel Cell Cap
Carb to Scoop Base Plate $65.00
Carburator to Scoop Base Plate
Base Plate Stands $75.00
4-Scoop Base Plate Stands
Throttle Cable Extension Arm $50.00
Throttle Stop Arm
Throttle Cable Billet T Bracket $25.00
Throttle Cable Extension Arm 90 Degree Billet Bracket
Hood Scoop Pan $195.00
Scoop Tray
Billet Aluminum Coil mount $50.00
Coil mount
Fuel Regulator mount $75.00
Fuel Regulator mount
Overflow Tank $80.00
Water Overflow Tank
Vacuum Tank $80.00
Vacuum Breather Tank
Dial Board mount $100.00
Flamed Dial Board mount
Crossover Water Manifold $85.00
Various Manufacturers Crossover Water Manifold
Water Filler Neck $75.00
Various Manufacturers Water Filler Neck
Crank Trigger Wheel $60.00
Crank Trigger Wheel
Crank Trigger Wheel Arm $50.00
Crank Trigger Wheel Arm
Crank Trigger 90 Degree Bracket $30.00
Crank Trigger 90 Degree Bracket
Alternator Brackets and Pulley $150.00
Complete Alternator Bracket and Pulley kit
Vacuum Pump housing,pulley,mounting bracket ,and fittings $195.00
Vacuum Pump housing,pulley,mounting bracket ,and fittings
Sheet Metal Valve Covers $325.00
2-Sheet Metal Valve Covers (PLATING ONLY)
4-Link Bars $250.00
4- 4-Link Bars
4-Link Shock Spring $50.00
1 4-Link Shock Spring
2 4-link shock springs $100.00
2 4-link shock springs
Swing Arm Lower X-Link with shock mount $300.00
Swing Arm with shock mount
Rocker Arm Lower X link frame $350.00
Rocker Arm Lower X-link Frame
Anti roll torsion Arms $100.00
2- Anti-roll Torsion Arms
Torsion strutt adjuster rods $60.00
2- Anti-roll Torsion Strutts
Transmission Ring $95.00
Transmission Ring with Handle
Transmission Ring Stabilizer bars $60.00
2- Transmission Stabilizer bars
Driveshaft $150.00
Steel Dragster Driveshaft
Rear End Filler Cap $30.00
Rear End Filler Cap
Fabricated Rear End Housing $1350.00
Steel Fabricated Dragster Rear End Housing
Dzus buttons $150.00
Chroming of dzus' for entire body and rear cover pan.
Parachute mount $105.00
Single Parachute mount
Tail Light mount $50.00
LED Tail Light mount
Dual Parachute mount $210.00
Dual Parachute mount
Rear master cut off knob $25.00
Rear Master Cut-off Cable mount Knob
Nitrous Bottle Rack $210.00
Removeable Nitrous Bottle Rack mount 5 peices. Inclues base plate,top mount , top clamp , and t bolt clamps.
Radiator Shroud $175.00
Radiator Fan Shroud
Suspension Cover Pan $110.00
Rear Suspension Cover Pan
10 Dzus doubler plates $75.00
Used for nose piece and scoop
Strange rear Billet brackets and cross shaft $500.00

Single wheel wheelie bar $850.00

Anti roll rocker arms set of 4 per car $350.00
set of 4

Aluminum wing strutt plates $395.00
Chroming on side plates.
7 Cross brace hex rods $150.00

Wing Spider support $240.00

Wing adjustable pitch rod $30.00

Miller race cars wing strutt package $900.00
Includes Wing strut plates, 7 hex cross tubes, Spider brace,and pitch adjuster rod.
Miller race cars wing foil spill plates $245.00

Spare Crossover Mainifold $85.00

Chrome Alternator Housing(Ultra Mini) $50.00

Spare Engine saddles $75.00

Spare Fuel Cap $38.00

Trans Cooler Mt. $150.00

Trans cooler fan shroud $100.00

Helmet Hook / Seatbelt hooks $35.00
One helmet hook and 2 seatbelt hooks
Pedal Assembly $250.00

Driveshaft Loop $150.00

Fuel Cell neck $150.00

Cable clamps $25.00

Aeromotive regulator $125.00

Trans overflow can $75.00

2nd chute handle for dual chute levers $25.00

Air compressor tank and plate $275.00

Lower controll arms on front suspension $195.00

Engine limterkit 3pc. $125.00

Dragster front a-arms $250.00

Roll Cage exit handles $75.00

Aluminum dzus in breather tank $250.00

Front suspension springs $125.00

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